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Insurance Tips

Why Take Out Life Insurance

Protect your family

The number one question is why take out life insurance? Sure, life insurance is a waste of time/money and I’ll be grand without it …. WRONG!!! The simple fact of the matter is: If anyone depends on you financially, you need life insurance If you live in a rented property, you need life insurance If…

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Mortgage Protection for First Time Buyers in Ireland

Mortgage Protection

Are you looking for the best deal on the market for your mortgage protection for first time buyers? To keep it nice and simple, first time buyers should focus on; What mortgage protection policy should I buy as a first time buyer What companies are the best for first time buyers What’s the best cover for…

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9 Tips for keeping your home secure!


9 Top tips to keep burglars at bay Ensure that all doors and windows have strong locks. This is especially important for patio doors, which are easy for burglars to access. The more time it takes to access your home, the less attractive it is to a burglar. Test your home security: lock yourself out…

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5 Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker

What are the benefits of using and insurance broker

What are the benefits of using an Insurance Broker? We all know how expensive insurance has become over the last few years, everyone is trying to bring the costs down which is completely understandable, however we all have busy lives so rather than spend hours wading through website after website filling in the same details…

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Get your Public Liability Insurance sorted today!

Ugh  public liability insurance, I’ll do it tomorrow! But what if tomorrow never comes… If tomorrow never comes… and the unthinkable happens today will your business be covered? Insurance – nobody wants it but we all need it! and tradesmen are no different to everyone else. Working as a tradesman it can be very easy to…

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